The patient underwent ophthalmologic examination


Prepared in Ukraine by doing some Analyzes, discussing this with Bookimed, having arrived in Medipol, the doctor again prescribed the same for the price higher than those discussed in the correspondence. !


The patient was treated of asthma


Thanks to Maxim and Yulia, everything was at the highest level, even 5 plus.
As for the clinic, I can't say anything bad, the doctors are good, the professors are all knowledgeable of their work. We do not regret contacting this clinic.


The patient was treated of encephalitis


We are well surveyed we are satisfied now we will undergo the procedure


The patient was treated of multiple sclerosis


When we were going to go, we were told that we would have a lot of tests, a puncture, an MRI, etc. When we arrived, we were not placed where we planned, not for 35USD, but for 45 USD per day. When we arrived at the clinic, nobody took anything except for a blood test. As a result, that in Medipol, that in Ukraine we got the result word for word, the preparations were pricked by the very same ones as in Ukraine.

The clinic coordinator has not been seen once.
We had a girl translator - her name is Shazoda - a good, intelligent girl, she translated everything, but we did not see the coordinator.

We were told that they would give extracts in Russian and in English, but sent in Turkish. Thanks to Maxim Voloshin, he is our coordinator in Bookimed, a very clever boy, we received translations into Russian, thank him very much.
Without Maxim, we wouldn't do it at all


The patient was treated of autoimmune hepatitis


The coordinator is the best! The treatment is good, everything is at a high level. If there are problems, they need to be voiced and they are all solved quickly enough.



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