The patient was treated of glioma


All liked it. Professionals


The patient underwent diagnostic


KlÑ–nÑ–ka viskogo r_vnya! All pÑ–dÑ–yshlo Ñ– dujo vouchsafed! Dyakuyu


The patient was treated of severe postpartum injury


The clinic is beautiful, but not for ordinary people. I can say about the doctors of the clinic that ordinary doctors, like everywhere else, are not interested in patients, and money is not interested. Those who are interested in patients are coordinators, doctors are organized, they went to Istanbul for rehabilitation, only Alexander helped us, thanks to him a lot. It is a great desire that the doctors of the clinic also work as the coordinator doctors work, consult with them before you go.


The patient was treated of disc protrusion


I'm good .. the doctor was more than great .. he explained everything for me ..
He was very friendly as well ..
And the good news is that he made me feel good about my condition and that I don't have to worry .. I have a black disc ..
he told me to continue my life and not to think about it if it's not causing me any difficulties in life
I would like to thank you Anna .. you've been so helpful and understanding through my journey
Thank you Again


The patient underwent kidney transplantation


Bookies was instrumental in my decision to go to Turkey. Dr kamran and Yana were very helpful to me. Memorial hospital was clinically clean and staff were very helpful.



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