"Beautiful nose after a rhinoplasty"


Had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty done by Dr Rodrigo. My septum was severely deviated and it had to be broken in four places to set itstraight. From a cosmetic point of view I had the small bump on the ridge of my nose removed and my nose tip refined. I had reactedbadly to the septoplasty and after the surgery I looked like I had two black eyes and one eye was almost swollen shot. Within the nextcouple of days the swelling from around my eyes started migrating down to my cheeks and I looked like a chipmunk for a couple of days.Despite how bad I looked after the surgery, my recovery was quick and I was able to go back to work after 8 days of the surgery. By thattime others didn’t notice the remaining swelling and I could cover the bruising which had turned yellow, with makeup. It took me awhile to get used to my new nose. I saw it for the first time six days after the surgery at which point it was still very upturned fromthe swelling and piggy like which caused me quite a bit of distress. It would have been better if I didn’t look at my nose until Iwent back to work by which time my nose had started dropping back to its normal place. Post-surgery I didn’t experience pain but I hada lot of pressure in my face like when you have a very bad cold and this pressure (which got worse at night) and not being able tobreathe through my nose for a week did wear down at my nerves and made me very irritable. My nose shape continued to improve as theremaining swelling (perceptible only to me) went down although this did take 3-4 months. I now love my new nose and I am very happy thatI had the surgery done. Dr Rodrigo is truly a brilliant surgeon! Joanna’s pre-surgery instructions were very clear and I was impressedwith the amount of information I received. She was very caring and she helped me get through the post operation days which were quitetough emotionally.

Dublin, Ireland

"Happy liposuction patient"


I had liposuction and laser lipo/smartlipo performed on my thighs, knees and buttocks by Dr Rodrigo. My main aim was to get rid of mycellulite and improve the firmness of the skin on and under my buttocks. I was very well looked after and the whole experience hasexceeded my expectations. I received very informative emails from Joanna about what to expect and what to do before and after myprocedure. Throughout the process she was there to help. She met me for my consultation with Dr Rodrigo, was there with me at thehospital before I went in for my surgery and visited me after I woke up. She also made sure that I got to my hotel room alrightafterwards and visited me further times. Her encouragement and empathy made all the difference. Dr Rodrigo consulted me about what hethought would give me the best result. His sureness in what should be done and his confidence that my results would be great put me verymuch at ease during my consultation. I have heard many good things about him from other patients and I definitely feel that I made therights choice in putting my trust in him to transform my body. I was also pleased with the plastic surgery clinic. It is very modern andclean and the recovery rooms very comfortable. The nurses that looked after me were also wonderful. Both Aniko my day nurse and Jutka mynight nurse were very attentive and friendly. They checked up on me many times and they made me as comfortable as possible. The painafter the surgery was a lot less than I expected and within four days I was already out and about walking, sightseeing and shopping. Iam very happy with my recovery so far and I can’t wait to see the final result once all the swelling and bruising has subsided.Overall, I am very delighted with the service and care I have received and will definitely choose Meditourist and Dr Rodrigo for thenext surgery I have planned. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

London, UK


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