I highly recommend Circle Dental


I am pleased with how everything turned out. I am not going to lie, I was pretty sceptical going to have this all done in Mexico, I was super nervous, but am glad I went through it. I had one minor issue, that they were going to take care of, but after Aldo looked at it, he said the job I did was damn good, but he took x-rays anyway to make sure it was all good, and I have had no issues at all to date. I have a couple other teeth I may need to have work on, and I will go back! I highly recommend Circle Dental, and that is coming from someone who does not feel safe going to Mexico, but Algodones, MX is a super friendly town and is way cleaner & much better than Tijuana. In the US they wanted over $20,000 to do 7 of my teeth, and 2 of my wifes, Circle Dental did all of ours for right around $3500. Way worth it in my opinion. Many people were there the same time we were, getting their mouths fixed from bad dental work they received in the US & Canada.


I was very satisfied


I was very satisfied. The treatment won't be completed until December so, will not know about the outcome until then However, I am very satisfied thus far and have already referred a couple of friends to the clinic.


I would recommend this clinic


I am very pleased with the work that was done, and I would recommend, and have recommended this clinic to others. The price was $200 less than I was originally quoted, and was easily about 60% less than I could have had it done in Arizona.


They gave me my smile back


Several Crowns, Bridge and Partial

My name is Brenda:) when I first walked into Circle Dental, I just knew this was going to be a good thing to do! The atmospere in the office was peaceful< but there was a sense of excitement there too! I had no idea what was about to happen was going to change my life in such a positive way! Dr. Aldo and his staff worked on my teeth with great effort and care, I have never been taken care of like that at a Dentist office before! They gave me my smile back, I should say," They gave me the most beautiful smile I could ever imagine!"


The people are polite and overall I had a very good experience.


Root canal and a crown.

It's the second time I go to Los Algodones for a dental problem. It's been 2 weeks now and I don't have problems. The two block walk is an easy walk but be prepared to walk the gauntlet. During the examination and even during the service with the dentist you get the feeling that you are a used car and they are doing body work, meaning they don't know you are feeling the pain of the things they are doing to you. The atmosphere is nice. The people are polite and overall I had a very good experience.



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