I am absolutely thrilled with the results


I went in for a mini partial abdominoplasty at Clinic Center. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

The pre-op to post-op care was excellent. Dr. Haytoglu answered all my questions and cleared all my doubts and apprehensions with a lot of patience. The pain management post-op was handled so well by Dr. Gokhan that I sailed effortlessly thorough recovery. I highly recommend Clinic Center. I have a flat abdomen again and all the credit goes to whole Clinic Center team. Thank you


Rhinoplasty made my nose more beautiful than I could have imagined


I got nose surgery done in Clinic Center. My nose became more beautiful then I imagined. My doctor was great and so friendly. Eve though I had very stressful and was asking every detail 10 times, he explained me everything with patient. My host was with me all the time and she helped me a lot to relax.

Clinic staff was very kind and friendly. Even though I came to Turkey alone I never felt myself alone.Thanks.


The doctor did a great job


I had a revision nose surgery with Clinic Center a few months ago. I found the clinic on the internet and liked their reviews. When I contacted with them, they handled my case with care and kindness and answered all of my questions in detail which gave me full confidence for the surgery. My trip was well organized. The pick-up service, the hotel, the surgery and the check-ups…They sent me all the details before I arrived. My experience was pleasant. The doctor did a great job.

For now, I am very happy with my results and I am recovering well. I am very glad to have my surgery with Clinic Center, they are in contact with me and following my recovery.


I feel very good again about my appearance after my breast uplift


I was not happy with my breasts after 2 child, and had uplift surgery last month. I feel very good again about my appearance and thanks Clinic Center for all support for my treatment.

Hotel was good and comfortable and close to the hospital.


Very affordable prices for Rhinoplasty, my nose looks perfect now too


I was interested in getting nosejob due to asymmetry and bridge of my nose. My friend Cecilia, who got her breast implants, recommended me Clinic Center. Their price was very affordable comparing to UK. They contacted me asked for my pictures and replied me with doctor's assessment the other day. At first I was a little scared but as soon as I see doctor Gokhan and host girl, both were very nice, I was relaxed.

Host girl was with me during whole procedure. It has been 4 months and my nose looks perfect! I would like to thank Clinic Center's staff and dr Gokhan.



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