"Mrs Train"


Having been obese for many years and several weight lose and gains, I lost 10stone halving my weight 2 years ago. I was left with verysaggy loose skin and breasts that had no shape or mass.

My surgeon was Dr Aleksandra Luniewska. She has performed a major miracle inmy opinion. I am so pleased and amazed at the outcome. Already only 1 week after surgery my confidence is increasing. I am now lookingforward to wearing a swimsuit instead of dreading it.

As for the communication and care given to myself by all members of the Coramedteam made this experience such a calm and relaxed one. A very big thank you to Anna and Shreya who were always quick to respond to anyqueries I had before and after my decision to have my surgery. Arranging all transport fully paid for by Coramed with personal messagesof well wishes I could not have recieved a better service. I will be going back in the future to have a tummy tuck and a possible backlift.

Basingstoke, UK

"Miss Boyle"


There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about the whole experience with the Coramed Clinic , the staff and the surgicalprocedures I received. I was given 5 star treatment.

My surgeon did such an excellent job and the care she took to make my scars andstitches so neat and tidy showed that she cares both for me as a patient and the reputation of the clinic. I was picked up and droppedoff back at hotel by taxis to and from the clinic on every single visit, check ups, and other routine appointments. The price of thesurgery was at a third of the price I had been quoted in the Uk.

Glasgow UK

"Outstanding results and great Customer Care"


I couldn't be more thankful enough to Coramed for realizing my dream and my nose complexity issue. I had a Rhinoplasty sugery at Coramedclinic and I have to say the results exceeded the expectation. Starting from the warm and wonderful Customer Service, I was never leftalone and was guided through the whole procedure by people who are really passionated about their profession. I have exchanged at least120 e-mails with Anna and a dozin of phone calls clearing my whole doubts and insecurities. Once I arrived in the city, a taxi wasalready waiting for me and Shreya warmly welcomed me to do the blood analysis. Anna and Shreya are very dedicated staff members andfollowed me with a lot of attention.

My nose surgery had to fulfill functional and aesthetic purposes, since I had my nose brokedseveral times during my boxing career. Even though the operation was not easy, I am very pleased with the results and I feel a newperson, breath and look better. I didn't had any complications and the surgery went smooth thanks to the experience of Aleksandra thesurgeon. I was so pleased to meet as well Rafal, the owner of the clinic who dedicated his time to come and greet me and spend time totalk to me and drived me personally to the bus station. After one month I was kindly invited to have a medical check, even though wasnot mandatory, Aleksandra checked and followed up with me on the procedure. Since the surgery everything healed correctly and I alreadysee big improvements. I felt like part of a big family, thank you for your hard work and dedication, your passion helped me realized alife dream.

Warm regards,

Vladimir Ionescu


"Angela O'Connor "


Coramed Clinic Wroclaw.

Overall the clinic was run very efficiently and the were very caring. The medical care was clinically good andthe after consultations wear very thoroughly.

The attentional to the patient was terrific.


"Fantastic clinic "


I had my 2 procedures in Coramed only last week. I chose this clinic after many months of research as it seemed to always shine throughas people’s choice and now I know why. The care and attention I received was second to none. From the moment I arrived I was made verycomfortable and was reassured every step of the way. The patient co-ordinators Anna, Shreya and in particular the beautiful Sandhya wereon hand for everything I could possibly need. Sandhya went above and beyond for my husband and I, offering to buy me my favourite foodfor my stay and recommending restaurants for my husband. The amazing surgeon Dr Aleksandra Luniewska did a fantastic job for me and I amabsolutely delighted with the results, even after only 1 week. On our day of departure the clinic manager Rafal personally collected usfrom our hotel even though it was a Sunday and his day off.... now where would you get such a personal caring service?

Coramed, thankyou so much for everything.



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