"Strongly do not recommend this clinic!"

Unsatisfied client

My experience: in this clinic you don't get what you pay for and there is no warrantee like they promised before treatment. It seemslike the staff just care about money and will do everything to avoid clients who get problems due to bad dental treatment in theclinic. Â
Client Response:I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the treatment you recived in Dentestetica. Let me try to sum up what happend to you.

You came to us to make two new crowns on your two front teeth. We also recomended you to change a filling, but that was not your priority, and that is fine for us.

We did preparation and made two new full ceramic crowns for you. We placed this crowns for you on wednesday. You where not happy with the shape of the crowns and you felt the crowns were to white.

So we did not place this crowns, but took more pictures and sent it once again to our technician with your new instructions.

24 hours later we reccived the new crowns. This time a bit darker, with a darker shape close to the gum and the original collor closer to the tip of the crowns.

Exactly the way that you wanted.

When the crowns arrived and you could see them on a model you were very satisfied, so we semented this crowns on your two front teeth. After this you could look your self in the mirror and again you stated that you were very happy with the result.

Then two weeks after you left the clinic you contact us again and tells us that the collor is to dark, and you want to have the collor that was on the first set of crowns you tried.

We understand that you can change your mind, and we also understand that this is esthetic and a subjectiv judgment and of course very important so we have offered us to try to take this crowns of for you and as a gestuer from our side try to make them a bit whiter again.

But I have to be very clear. This is something we would like to do as a gestuer and not as a guarantee case. It means that the treatment will be free of charge, but we will not cover your flight and accomodation (We would do that if it was a guarantee case).

Oslo Norway

"Teeth treatment in Krakow"


I decided to go to Krakow to Denpro because they were recommended by several friends who had been there.

I quickly got in touch andwere promised a decent apartment of 40 m2 20 m from the dental center. This was ok, but they said nothing about all the noise from tramsand trains that passed right next to the apartment. This made it very difficult to sleep and we came home completely exhausted.

Wearrived on a Tuesday about 12 am and ended in "chair" immediately. I got a decent overview of what they thought should be done with andwith a price and we agreed the treatment and I signed a contract. This went very well apart from one day when I did not receiveanesthesia. This resulted in great pains. So advertising for a painless treatment is not quite right. I should perhaps asked foranesthetic, but understood it so that the painful part would only last a short while. So was not the case.

Latest treatment was onFriday at 19:00 to 20:00. We were traveling Saturday morning 07:30

This treatment also went smoothly except that I am a littledissatisfied with the one tooth that is much lower than the two next. This low tooth (a grinder) has received a temporary crown asintended, but it was not agreed that it should be so low.

In this tooth I have all the time since also had a toothache. It "report" bycold and hot drinks. This will hopefully stop.

Staff at the clinic was accommodating and pleasant and the equipment excellent and I canrecommend my friends to go there for treatment, but because of one painful day and apartment location I would overall not give more than 4 stars of 6 possible.


"outstanding service"


A superb clinic in every respect. Highly skilled technicians, superior equipment, friendly and efficient service. I had a difficult rootcanal procedure which also required reconstruction of the deteriorated tooth. This was done with the greatest care and proficiency. Ireturned 6 months later for the crown, which was made within 48 hours and fitted perfectly.

Cambridge, UK

"It doesn't get any better than this"


I chose Dentestetica because it received several recommendations on a blog -- and I wanted to visit Krakow! I was delighted on bothcounts.

Setting up my two visits by email was surprisingly easy. All the staff were very welcoming and kind, and extremelyprofessional. They all speak English to a high standard. After a treatment meeting, the dental work is divided up between differentspecialists, who make notes at each stage,so that the others are kept up to date. They are willing to work late to ensure that yourtreatment will be completed on schedule.

The clinic is modern and the technology bang up to date -- from computers to X-rays, not tomention the dental equipment itself.

Although the treatment can be quite intensive at times, there are also opportunities to exploreKrakow and its environs. It's a fascinating, beautiful and interesting place.

The first stage of my treatment has been completed, andI am very pleased with the outcome. I will probably return within twelve months for a couple of implants. And more exploration of alovely city.


"A good experience"


Good reception airport and clinic. Superb scanning and mapping, prepare agreement before starting treatment. Good for control andrefinement of the bit. Very friendly staff among expedition staff and dentists / specialists. Final price matching upfrontcost.

Original review translated to English in Google translate.

Namsos, Norge


Tel: 346-323-7036

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