Excellent dentist


Dr Cem is an excellent dentist. Very professional, patient, friendly and makes you feel at ease.
I had a replacement of a 3 element bridge, renewal of 5 old fillings, a crown and cleaning.
I went back home to Doha with a big smile! Highly recommended!
Thank you!


Dr. Baysal will be my first choice for future treatments.


I went to Dr. Baysal for replacement of two crowns in my front lower teeth.

I had initially scheduled an appointment with a different provider, but after reading the reviews here, I cancelled it and scheduled one with Dr. Baysal. It was a good decision.

Prior to my arrival, Dr. Baysal answered any questions and concerns regarding my treatment. In fact my time in Istanbul was very fractured as I would be there one day on a layover, see Dr. Baysal for my initial treatment, then leave the country for several days before again returning for 3 days to complete my treatment. Dr. Baysal tailored the treatment to my schedule which greatly eased my worries in regards to it.

I found Dr. Baysal and his assistant very cordial, warm and professional. All in all an extremely positive experience heightened by the fact that Dr. Baysal is an artist with the teeth. I am personally very happy with my results.

Dr. Baysal will be my first choice for future treatments.


Highly recommend this clinic


I went to see Dr. Cem as his clinic was highly rated on the internet. He contacted me soon after the online reservation and considered me as an emergency as I was in pain, an existing client of his was cancelled to fit me in. The clinic was highly accessible, very clean and accommodating. Dr. Cem was very professional and friendly, explained the process clearly with options to consider. I had an extraction and bone graft which was considerably cheaper than Australia's pricing. 10 days after the procedure, I returned to have the stitches removed and all was well. I am very pleased with my service from Dr. Cem and highly recommend this clinic. Thank you Dr!


I'm so so happy with the dental care


I had my dental treatment last January by Dr Baysal in his gorgeous clinic, honestly I'm so so happy with the dental care that I received on his behalf & the good results that I've got due to his professionalism & skill, he took all the time to explain every procedure he was doing. For example, when I got my teeth whitened, Dr. Baysal was very supportive, and thorough when explaining the process.From my first visit at his clinic, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by his naturally lovely personality and the pleasant environment of his clinic itself ( the french Jazz music ) , It was reassuring to read the positive reviews about Dr. Baysal I found every compliment to be true .


Service was fast and professionally done.



After a misdiagnosis and arguably unnecessary procedure at another clinic that did not solve my unbearable tooth pain problem, I was awoken at 3am by the pain and dialed Dr. Baysal's number to schedule an ASAP second opinion appointment. To my surprise, he picked up and personally walked me through getting an appointment with him at his next earliest slot. At this point I had lost 2 nights of sleep, had 2 wisdom teeth extracted (in preparation for a root canal that I actually never needed), and was lost trying to get around fixing my teeth in a foreign country while traveling and was incredibly incoherent. He was incredibly patient putting up with my mess. I had never encountered a doctor who was so accessible, competent and clear.

Unlike the specialists at the other clinic, Dr. Baysal actually is very fluent in English. Enough for you to get a sense of his sense of humor. In 10 minutes he came up with an outside the box diagnosis for my pain, which actually had nothing to do with root canals. (Imagine having a 2 day root canal on a molar and STILL not having your tooth pain solved?! While on your dream trip?! You can at least imagine how pissed off I was at the other clinic) It was a muscular joint/ nerve pain. I had not expected this at all, but turns out this was the case (since my pain dissipated and disappeared following his medication) This is the point of going to a specialist who specializes in diagnoses I guess. He is quick with integrating information and coming up with the actual diagnosis that solves your problem. Service was fast and professionally done.

Whether you have an EMERGENCY tooth pain or you are here for cosmetic procedures, you should go here. Dr. Baysal has my 100% confidence. THANK YOU DR. BAYSAL




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