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This clinic is great!

I travel as an all inclusive package through Secret Surgery Ltd - This is a British based company that works inconjunction with Euromeditravel.

I preferred to do it this way as they took the worry out of booking my flights, hotel and Insuranceson my behalf making the surgery abroad before, during and after a much less stressful process.

I would recommend any briitsh personcontact Angela at as it made such a difference dealing with someone that has been there and done it a few timesbefore me....

The clinic in Poland is great and the staff are so helpful. I will return for a boob job in 2011!


"Euromeditravel in Wroclaw Poland"


On 7th September 2010 I travelled alone from the United Kingdom to Euromeditravel in Wroclaw Poland after many email discussions andfilling out of forms with Agnieszka Melnyk-Poprawska (Aga). I did a great deal of research via internet, before and afters, etc andprovided Dr Wojciech Wac³awowicz with pictures. I was reassured that I would be ok travelling alone and the nextthing we had everything booked.

I travelled by Wizzair from Doncaster which saved me travelling to London and having a much longerbooking in time. Plus the fares were very reasonable, & the luggage allowance was very generous.

As soon as I met Aga and was taken tothe clinic I felt very welcome. The clinic is state of the art building and decorated to a very high standard. I just couldnt stoplooking around in awe. The staff were very freindly and couldnt do enough to help even though Polish was their only language. But, weseemed to manage.

I went through 2 very strict pre-op assessment in order to have a consideration of the procedures I wanted. Myoperations were done seperately so I had the assessments within days of each other to make sure my body could cope with the shock of anoperation.

I requested a tummy tuck and even though I am carrying a bit of bellyfat I was told that taking that into account it was anexccesive procedure but it could be carried out even though I would not get a totally flat belly. I appreciated the doctors honesty. Ialso had a breast lift and this was performed a few days later after a spell in the clinic and local Etap.

My tummy tuck is fantasticand my breast are where they should be. It has only been a few weeks since the procedures but I am very happy plus a few freinds havemade positive comments. I have also lost 14 pounds to date and reducing my BMI. My confidence is through the roof right now!

I am sohappy with my results I will be going back next year just before summer for another couple of procedures & some dental work. A few closefreinds/family have asked me to go with them as they do not have the courage to go alone. I will deal with that when they are ready

Iwasnt too keen on the food. But hey...... I appreciated what I was given. There is a huge Tesco in the City and it's worth visiting.Next time i am going to stay in the City due to the fact that everything is there so there are more choices.

Sheffield, United Kingdom



I visited this clinic at the end on April 2010 and the whole process from initial communication has been second to none!

I was a littleconcerned by the possibility that i may have booked a date with some back street butcher but after contacting lots of other people whohave been there and hearing their positive stories i felt a much more relaxed. My initial worries couldn't have been further from thereality - i would even say that it was superior to any private clinic in the UK.

You have no reason to feel scared to travel alone asyou are met at the Airport by Agnieszka Melnyk-Poprawska (Aga) who is such a lovely lady and she takes you direct to the clinic whereyou're met with a warm welcome and a much needed cup of tea. you then meet the appropriate professionals and have all the pre-op checksand only after your final consulation with the surgeon Dr Wojciech Wac?awowicz will he proceed. There is no pressure to proceed at anystage and if Dr Wojciech Wac?awowicz feels that it's not right/ready for the proceedure you he wont operate.

They really put yourhealth before the cost of the operation. Dr Wojciech Wac?awowicz understands English but Agnieszka always translates everything ensuringthat you get every question answered.

The hospital (more like a 5 star hotel) and is absolutely stunning and is the ultimate in moderndesign and more importantly squeaky clean! The food is mostly breads, processed meats, cheese and conserved vegetables - Aga hasdiscussed this with the Directors and she assures me that it's improving..

I am booked to return at the end of May 2010 for a breastlift as my friends breast lift is the best i've seen! The surgeon Dr Wojciech Wac?awowicz really is a perfectionist and master of hisart - he will exceed your expectations...

I have no hesitation in reccommending Euromeditravel to anyone. There isn't any languagebarriers either....


"breast reduction and uplift"


from the minute my mum and i were picked up at the airport we were treated extremely well. We were taken to the clinic and checked intoour private room, which was immaculate, and with 3 cleaners coming in twice a day it stayed immaculate. We were then introduced to oursurgeon (who didn,t speak much English, but Agna as our translator this was not a problem at all) we had a lengthy discussion aboutsurgical procedures and what we expected. we then had many tests done to make sure we were fit and healthy for surgery.
I had breastsurgery the next day and i am delighted with the results! My dressings were changed daily and my wounds were thoroughly checked. Thestaff from top to bottom at this clinic were superb, we could not have been treated any better.
Our apartment was in the middle of thecity at a fantastic location, it was clean and very acceptable.
Agna was first class, from translation, to answering questions tochauffeuring us around everywhere.
My trip to Euromeditravel clinic in Wroclaw is highly recommendable. I am a very happy lady :-)
Theonly single downside would be the hospital food, i personally was not keen on polish cuisine and if your not partial to try somethingnew then my only suggestion would be to take in some snacks




I returned to Wroclaw for my second procedure a breast lift on the 30th May 2010

I had my first procedure on the 28th April 2010 - thiswas a full tummy tuck (which may i add didn't leave me with as much as bruise)

I had a full breast lift with a reduction to one breastwithout implants and I am utterly astounded by the results that Doctor W has achieved - he really is a master of his craft!

The wholeexperiance is more positive than you could imagine - the nurses are caring and take their time to accomodate your every need to aide aspeedy recovery.

Please don't be put off by the cheap price - everything about the clinic is 5 star luxury...

I am such a happy womaninside and out and can thank everyone at Euromeditravel enough!

Rochester, Kent


Tel: 346-323-7036

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