"fanatastic outcome! "


I am very happy 11months on,with the outcome of the surgery. My eyes look so different,no morning puffiness and I can now put on mymascara without getting it on my eyelids!

From talking to Jana on the phone and then speaking to the surgeon,and then meeting him andhaving the op..Everything was spot on. I even braved local anesthetic,and I didn't feel a thing.

I can recommended this clinicwholeheartedly ..Very professional!

UK Coventry

"My time at Forme'"


From the time of my first communication with the Forme' clinic in Prague I have nothing but praise for their timeliness andprofessionalism.

I had always wanted to have some fat removed from my stomach and sides for years but the costs were alwaysprohibitive in my country. It was while I was on holiday in Europe that I discovered Forme' Clinic and once I reviewed the procedures onoffer and the costs my mind was made up. From that point on the clinic and staff were simply fantastic and I wholeheartedly recommendthem to anyone looking for cosmetic surgical procedures.

New Zealand

"Blepharoplasty at Forme clinic"


I underwent blepharoplasty surgery at this clinic. Dr. Vasek was very understanding and did the surgery precisely. My eyes gainedyounger look and clear sight. The incisions are very tiny and barely visible so that is great.


"Breast lift"


I had my breast lifted at the clinic. They were already very saggy and this surgery gave them back firmness and fullness. Wouldrecommend


"Tummy tuck at Forme clinic"


Would never ever thought that i could like my body again. Thanks to dr. Benes i do not have that hanging excess skin on my tummy. It isgreat feeling not to hide yourself under loose xxl shirts. The skin is stretched and no one can see the scar what is hidden under mybriefs. Happy with result



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