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I used Praga Medica at the GEST center and LOVED my experience there. The clinic provides you with a concierge who helps you byproviding information, setting up appointments, and scheduling treatment services. They also help with translation and answering anyquestions you might have while at the clinic. We had Blanka and Ellie and both were willing to bend over backwards to help us withwhatever we needed. The Dr. we had was Dr. Alexander. He was VERY thorough and answered all of my questions. They were very willing towork within our schedule and time frame. When we got to Prague there was a driver to pick us up who gave us a local phone to be able tocommunicate with the clinic and was there to take us to each appointment and then back to the airport when we were finished. The staffat the clinic were helpful and kind. I wouldn't call the staff "warm" by American Standards but when we started talking with them theyopened up. Ellie and Blanka (our concierge) were very warm however so that made up for any lack other staff members had. The facilitywas SO CLEAN. It's very modern and clean. The outside just looks like an office so it was surprising when we walked in. It's very closeto the train station but we used the driver the clinic provided and never had any trouble getting there. They were very thorough when itcame time to do the treatment and made me feel very comfortable. It was different than my experience in the united states. I didn't haveto do shots and that was so great - that was the worst part for me when I did it in the past. They also wrote me a prescription whilethere and there is a pharmacy on the bottom floor of the building and it was a quarter of the cost compared to the United States. Thecost overall was also a quarter of what I paid in the United States AND I got an awesome vacation out of it too. I had zero stress whilethere and a large part of that is because I trusted the doctors and Praga Medica. They were amazing and I would tell anyone who isconsidering going through any kind of infertility treatments to consider them.

California, United States

"First transfer successful"


We chose Gest clinic based on their reviews,excellent communication and competitive pricing.Our coordinator Kate was an absolutepleasure to deal with.She was with us every step of the way,organised transfers and acupuncture for us and offered help withaccommodation also gave us great advice about the city.She even managed to arrange an earlier transfer for us and dealt with everysituation very efficiently like when we forgot to bring IDs to transfer.Dr. Alexander explained everything in detail and the transferitself was quick and easy.The clinic has an excellent medical team including the embryologists and use the latest technology in thetreatment and we were very happy with the outcome.It was a very smooth and relaxed experience altogether and we managed to make it aholiday.Will be happy to return to the clinic and would highly recommend it to anyone.


"We highly recomend"


IVF Praga Medica was recomended by our friends. Everyone greeted us so warmly. We didn`t have to worry about language barrier at all.When we were curious or unclear about something we send them e-mail and always there was someone who answered our questions immediately.Everything runs so smoothly. From the very first moment when we spoke with DR. Daniel Alexander we trusted them. It was very pleasantand very reassuring.Te medical treatment is also very good, including edication, administration.We`re perfectly satisfied. The team hereis fantastic!


"GEST are brilliant at what they do"


Many of the clinic doctors and embryologists at GEST clinic are very knowledgable, comforting and empathetic to each individual patientsneeds, with the exception of GEST reception staff who are not very approachable or much help, in fact their customer service is poor;unpleasant and borderline ignorant.

We are extremely fond to have been supported throughout our treatment by Praga Medica team whoensured they went the extra mile to guide us through the process and explain the step-by-step process in the best possible way. Englishspeaking customers/patients can rest assured that there is minimal communication barriers with Praga Medica team, however not all GESTstaff speak English, so please be aware of this. So Praga Medica were able to effectively translate our enquiries and/or concerns toGEST staff, Respimed Clinic staff, taxi/hotel staff etc without any hesitation.

The overall experience has been brilliant and for ourfirst time doing IVF we (partner and I) achieved 20 embryos, with 10 perfect embryos, 8 frozen and 2 inserted into egg with successfulpregnancy.

Thank you Gest!!!


"Great care and service lovely teams. "


Myself & my husband were unsure what clinic should we choose. so many online forums but what's best for you. we contacted Prague, Spain& Greece. the one we liked best was Prague. within 24 hours the girl Jana came straight back to us on details. arranged phone call talkfurther. whole process from start to finish was easy not stressful & everything well explained. We went for 1st meeting & decided weliked the clinic & got ball rolling. with losing 2 babies before. I was nevous as my 1st time doing IVF, we are really glad we pickedpraga medicial as our clinic. They referred us to fertility port as they were fully booked up on dates we needed to come.

Overallexperience I would recommend clinics as professional & so lovely making you feel at ease. No email is to small they always answered inshort time. nice people / teams & Doctors. fingers crossed we are waiting for our result. Many thanks Again Great clinics I would highlyrate.

northern Ireland


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