"My experience at Helvetic"


I was very pleased with every aspect of care I received at Helvetic. The staff were very polite. In addition to this the dentist whotreated me was exceptional and very good at her job a protectionist is how I would describe Dr Brigid the treatment I received wasstructured every step of the way with no problems and the end result was excellent. I would certainly recommend Helvetic to anyonewishing to get dental treatment abroad. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of the staff again and wish Livia a bighappy birthday as I didn't get to see her when we were leaving ????

Dublin Ireland

"Great Work"


Very Friendly Staff Were Able To Answer All Our Questions


"Fantastic "


Fantastic and professional throughout. From the driver that picked me up at the airport to the staff at the clinic. Everything was clearand there were no nasty surprises along the way. I will never use any other dentist again!

London, UK

"Simply Outstanding"


Having spent a few days researching dental clinics in various countries, the reviews I read about Helvetic Clinics on both their ownwebsite, and on the sites of professional dental bodies, were all outstanding.

I contacted Helvetic and a few other clinics, and Idecided, without hesitation, to choose Helvetic as their response was immediate. I contacted them by email and, withing only a fewhours, I received a phone call from one of their staff. From then on the communication was first class. I never had to wait more thana few hours for a response to a number of typical customer questions I had sent by email.

Even though I had chosen to stay inalternative accommodation to the clinic's own hotel during my stay in Budapest, I still could not believe that I would be collected fromthe airport, and taken back, plus given the first night of my trip FREE in the hotel.....with breakfast. But it was true. Imagine thatat the start of having dental treatment in a foreign country!

The drivers and hotel staff were extremely friendly and courteousdespite the fact that I arrived at 1:30am. The hotel was of an excellent standard, as was the sumptuous breakfast.

What about theclinic? Well, how many times did you ever actually enjoy going to the dentist? Let me tell you that going to Helvetic Clinic willchange the way you feel about dentists.

I needed to visit the clinic five times during my stay due to the treatment I wasreceiving, and I have never, in any walk of life, received such outstanding customer service. I was always met with a smile by everyonein the reception and customer service area, and when I needed to take a seat if I was a little early, someone always came across for aquick chat and to make sure I was having a comfortable stay in this outstanding city.

I was always escorted to and from thesurgery, and I was met with equal friendliness by the dentist and his assistant.

The way the treatment was conducted was painless,and it was clear that my needs came first. I was given an overall dental exam and an x-ray was taken of my mouth after which thedentist sat down with me to show me exatly what treatment I would receive. We also discussed a number of treatment plans, timescales andfurther recommendations. Even though I decided to decline some further recommendations, I never felt that this was frowned upon. Thedentist simply advised me to consider these in the future with my own dentist if need be.

After being back home now for nearly aweek, I still cannot believe the outstanding service, treatment and value I received from Helvetic Clinics. Reading through my words italmost feels like I am being over-complimentary, but I am certainly not.

Outstanding customer service and value is back.........wellat least at this clinic it is.

Algarve, Portugal

"Example of Excellence"


It is an excellent dental care clinic. A team of dedicated professionals at affordable prices. It is great....




Tel: 346-323-7036

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