"Best Doctors and staff"


Had a good experience at Jinepol clinic,Doctor senoz is amazing i would highly recommend him to all ladies needing infertility treatment.am grateful and may God bless the doctors and all staff members. Â
Client Response:good experience at Jinepol clinic

United arab emirates



My first appointment with Dr Selim, day 10 for an examination. First impression of Jinepol, very impressive, modern, clean state of theart building. Theres no clinical feel and it's location fairly is close to the metro.

Dr Selim is very pleasant natured, delightful totalk to, charismatic, well grounded, very knowledgeable and his english is excellent. It was a great pleasure to meet him and histeam.

Dr Selim carried out an examination, took blood and based on my history and current situation discussed how best to proceed withan agreed action plan.

Based on the examination my egg collection was decided to be earlier than expected. So we returned to Jinepolin 2 days time and Dr Selim performed the egg collection. He is very much hands on at all stages and personally sees the ivf processthrough from beginning to end. Its apparent that Dr Selim wants to do his very best to help achieve a successful outcome and is flexiblein his approach.

On the day of embryo transfer we had to make a decision on whether to have 2 or 3 embyros transferred. Dr Selimclearly explained the risks involved and then allowed us ample time to make a decision in private. We decided on maximising success inthe current cycle given my previous implantation failures at Oxford in the UK. Dr Selim performed the transfer with the assistance ofhis team. It was the least uncomfortable transfer i've had to date. In fact the whole process happened so smoothly i didn't even feel iwas having transfer. After the process I was allowed plenty of time to rest. This has has been the most relaxed and non stressful ivfcycle i have been through.

On the days we didn't have an appointment we spent touring. Theres just so much to see in this beautifulmodern historical city all close to Jinepol. We're now having to endure the dreaded 2 week wait in England!!!

I'd like to take thisopportunity to say a big thank you to Dr Selim and the wonderful team. We really appreciate all your support, advice, professionalism,expertise and reassuring conversations. Keep up the brilliant work!

Highly recommend Jinepol to anyone who is looking for aprofessional, trustworthy, personalised caring IVF clinic.


"Best fertility clinic"


I had visited this clinic and must say it is one of the best clinic I have ever been to, Dr Selim is amazing, to be honest two hourscheck up and scans...etc saved me nearly 3 years hassle of different clinics,

Dr Selim is so honest and professional and gets to thepoint with no messing or time wasting, I will go back to Dr Selim's clinic soon for further consultation and treatment.

I would ratethis serves 5 big stars.


"It is a pleasure to recommend"

Abram Beridze

I recommend without reservation Jinepol IVF Clinic. I admire Dr. Selim's meticulous attention to detail as I am also very detailoriented. He satisfactorily answered all of my questions regarding our condition and the treatment.


"thanks to dr selim"


We came here upon recommendation from our friends. Our doctor, Dr. ?enöz is very amiable and eager to answer our questions. We had alot of questions because we had had three unsuccessful IVF attempts in our country. We were able to get pregnant at Jinepol after twoattempts. We were pleased and would gladly recommend this clinic and Dr. Selim.




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