"Kaali Institute "


This Institute is a very professional and well-kept place of business. My experience with Dr. Peter Kovacs was the best service I havehad from any doctors especially around this topic of infertility. When I say this, I am comparing to the infertility doctors in theUnited States. Dr. Peter Kovacs was able to answer my questions in less than 24 hours at times via email. He gave clear, concise andnoteworthy information on the topics at hand as well as answers to questions as they came up. There was no language barrier with myselfand Dr. Kovacs. The staff mainly spoke English to me which was nice and I understood what they were saying. Even though staff and I didnot speak much the instructions were clear and they were all very pleasant with smiles. I would recommend these services to any friendsor family as I feel it was worth it to come to Budapest for an elective treatment. I cannot say enough about Dr. Peter Kovacs. If itwas not for his concerned and efficient communication I might have either wasted money or decided not to work with doctors I’m the USfor infertility treatments altogether. I cannot thank him or his staff enough, truly.

United States

"Everything an Infertility couple needs"

catalina chirciu

They are a staff of angels. I will never be able to thank to Dr. Zadori Janos, the most professional, involved and kind doctor I haveever met.

Brasov, Romania

"Very Good Experience"


My husband and i have very good experience in this clinic. we are very grateful for all the attentions of Dr. kovacs.

My husband and irecommend it to the whole world.

Dr. kovacs is very attentive, professional, humble, and the best quality that a doctor can have istheir dedication.given the problems that presented the results of my exams, i was writing doctor Kovacs constantly with numerousquestions, he always responded immediately, even weekends. not all clinics give this high priority to their patients. i know from my ownexperience.

As said before we are really glad with Dr Kovacs and externally grateful.

Ontario, Canada

"Another success again"


It is very good experience. Dr. Kovacs is very professional and friendly. He explains everything and responds to emails. The nurses arealso friendly and helpful. I recommend this clinic.


"Update from Zita"


Just to let you know, my 3rd attempt was a successful implantation, but I lost the pregnancy at 3 months. So we went back for a 4thattempt in April of 2013, and our beautiful little son just celebrated his first Birthday last month.

I am going back this spring totry just one more time!

Las Vegas, USA



Tel: 346-323-7036

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