" the best discovery for dentistry ."


I first had treatment at this excellent clinic in 2003,the price at the time was a quarter of what I was quoted in the UK.Since then Ihave gone every year to visit to have a check up and most recently have further treatment.I am a derivative of the sixties drill andfill regime and so my teeth are very poor and heavily filled with decaying mercury fillings,As a result they have cracked anddisintegrated leading me to have implants crowns and bridgework all expertly carried out at this Dental Clinic.My only regret is when Ihad my initial consultation in 2003 it was recommended that I have 14 teeth removed to improve my bite,at the time with 2 daughters atuniversity,money was tight and so I decided not to follow the clinics advice but to only restore part of my lower jaw.consequently whenI recently needed a further crown it was obvious that my bite had deterioated ,and now I am probably too old and beyond anypossibility of getting this corrected.I am a very nervous patient and have always had a fear of dentists right from age 5 when I wasmade to sit in the chair and breathe the sweet smelling gas whilst the dentist bored holes in my teeth and although I dreaded my firstvisit to Kreativ the staff have a way of making you feel so relaxed that I did not feel any pain , their professionalism and expertisemust be one of the highest in the world,there is a negative ,eg if you catch them on a busy monday morning when theres been a fewproblems with a patient you can sometimes wait a while before being seen, but they do not rush each consultation and every patient isgiven time to have full attention, unlike the UK where usually theres time constraints on ones appointment.Also the prices are cheaperexcept for root canal treatment they charge per canal ,the UK charges per tooth so if a tooth has 3 canals the price is the same as inthe UK,However,I would say if considering treatment abroad , try this excellent clinic, and you can also discover the wonderful city ofBudapest at the same time.

wiltshire UK

"The very best!"


Not one for leaving reviews but had to after having a really positive experience at Kreativ Dental. They managed to restore my teeth soI can now eat all the foods that I've been missing without discomfort. My mouth was a bit of a mess and It took some time but I'vefinally completed and I could not be happier. My new teeth look and feel great. Thank you to everyone at the clinic and special thanksto Dr Lukas who treated my gums and Ivan who's care an attention was truly appreciated. I cannot recommend these guys enough.




Excellent clinic fast working and efficient dentists

Good job they employ English people in England and Hungary


"We saved money and discovered a beautiful city!"


We saved money and discovered a beautiful city!

I travelled to Kreativ Dental in early March 2011 to commence treatment to get rid ofmy ghastly denture! Dentures have been the bane of my life for the last 5yrs and I’m so glad i've now got comfortable teethagain!! I have waited 5 years too many for this!! basically because of the prices i had been quoted in the UK.

Budapest really is anice city and the Kreativ Dental clinic is unbelievably professional.

A special thanks to Ben, in the UK office and also Ivan (mydentist), Naomi, Tom and everyone else i met

I could not be happier!


"Patient care 1st class"


I needed 3 implants on my upper jaw, due to recent medical problems i've been suffering with. I went to many consultations in the UK butfelt that the money they were asking for was far too much.

After visiting Kreativ Dental for a consultation and seeing the clinic andmeeting my dentist, Peter, I decided to stay on and start treatment.

The Staff were very helpful and all spoke English and the clinicis absolutely fantastic!.

I've have ended up with a perfect smile and have been recommending anyone and everyone to Kreativ!

These aregood people who really cared for me.



Tel: 346-323-7036

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