The professionalism of the staff impressed me


I had dental crowns fitted at Kvalident Advanced Dental Care. I decided to go all the way to Prague to have this procedure done, because this clinic was far cheaper than anyone in the UK. I’m really pleased with the service and end results.

The clinic was spotless, and the professionalism of the staff impressed me. The dentist who fitted my crowns was patient, friendly and very skilled. I did not need any follow-ups or aftercare.

South Africa

I will be returning for more work in the future


This is a brief review of the dental clinic "Kvalident" where we had the privilege of being treated. So far I have had two root canals, one implant and a filling done. The experience here was very good, the prices are reasonable and the work is excellent and professional. In addition to the highly skilled doctors they have a great team of assistants and the finest state of the art technology. They present all the information on a screen in front of you, including x-rays, images, end even the schedule, it is very informative, and along with it comes their expert diagnosis and treatment advice. The two root canals had quite advanced inflammation and were done in two sessions each. Both were successful and the teeth were saved. The implant was also successful, done in about 2 hours with minimal recovery time. The healing period after the surgery was exactly as they explained in their instructions, basically 1-2 days of minimal down time in my case. You have three choices for implant types with three different prices - they will explain the differences but they are all good. I chose the Alpha-Bio and it is working fine for me. After the implant there is healing time before a crown can be fitted, at least a month or so depending on the individual. All in all I highly recommend this clinic, and I will be returning for more work in the future.

Excellent clinic, as described above. We chose this one initially because their staff provided very good information and service via email prior to our trip which helped us to make our selection.


A positive experience


I got crowns on 4 upper incisors (bruxism), a wisdom tooth extracted and some carries filled in over the course of 4 days (11hours). I was treated by Dr. Garikov and the team in a professional and polite manner. A positive experience.

Good online reviews. Initial impression was how clean the place was and how friendly the staff were. Tops


The place was spotless and they were very professional


I had a tooth extracted because it was no longer possible to fill what little remained of my tooth. A photo of the teeth was put on a large screen and the dentist went over the photo to explain why he believed it was no longer possible to fill the tooth. I also had an implant done on another missing teeth. The dentist went over the three types of implants they use and told me to consider the options over night which I did. I decided on a Swiss brand because I also needed a sinus lift done at the same time as placing the implant. There was no pressure to chose one above another. The facts were presented and the choice was mine

Fabulous. I was greeted warmly by the dental assistant girls and also by the dentist. The place was spotless and they were very professional.. Pain free dentistry at it's best.


I was very impressed.


These two guys are awesome. Without a doubt, the best dentist I've ever been to. Treatment was fast, courteous, and diligent. The equipment and facility was modern and clean, I've had several cavities filled, and my teeth resurfaced, and they've never looked so good. I was very impressed.

I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking dental work; their prices are very reasonable. The location in Prague is convenient, and the restaurant next door serves great food at reasonable prices. We're going back for implants all the way from Florida and will update our review then.




Tel: 346-323-7036

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