"face lift with dr hudakova"


A face lift for my 50th that was the present I wanted and that’s what I did, with the help and commitment from the staff of New LookHoliday. Dr Hudakova was fantastic. From first meeting at the airport to my return home, the operation and aftercare were professionaland sincere. Without no hesitation I would recommend New Look Holiday to anybody.


Oldham, UK

"Lovely experience with New Look Holiday"


I had tummy tuck and liposuction on my hips and thighs with New Look Holiday agency and it’s been a very positive experience. I wentto Budapest were I was met at the airport, may I just say what a great and lovely bunch of people, so helpful! They made me feelrelaxed, Dr Kacmarcikova and her staff talked me through everything and the next day that was it, a new me J. Yes of course a bit soarand tender for a bit but the aftercare was very good. I stayed in a nice apartment near the clinic and the city centre. After a few daysI went back to the clinic and I was given the all clear. A very professional and lovely team of people. Thank you so much. Without adoubt I would recommend New Look Holiday and its lovely staff.

Southampton, UK

"New look holidays"

Tummy tuck

I am very happy with my tummy tuck everyone at new look holidays was very nice and made me feel very welcome I would also like to say abig big thank you to Ivan for his help and kindness with our whole experience in Slovakia

London uk

"Excelent Dr. Kacmarcikova"


Myself and my husband were picked up from the airport,straight away a young gentleman Ivan made us feel relaxed, he took us directly toour lovely spa hotel were we enjoyed the afternoon relaxing. The next morning we were collected again and taken to the clinic to meetthe staff and of course Mrs Kacmarcikova the doctor, everybody spoke excellent English and explained everything to me and my husband. Mysurgery was for my arm lift or bingo wings and boobs enlargement as I have always been small chested. The procedure went great, staffwere lovely and were always there when I had a question. When I was recovering, the nurses came several times a day to see me, they werebrilliant, very professional and made me feel so relaxed. At the checkup all was good, so we went home later that week. I carried on myrecovery, the clinic called me a few times to make sure I was doing ok and we kept in touch by e mails. The whole experience was greatand staff very helpfull - I would thoroughly recomend any cosmetic surgery at New Look Holiday. Thank you very much.

Milton Keynes, UK

"Tummy tuck and Breast lift with New Look Holiday"


All I can say is a Big Thank you to all at New Look Holiday, especially to Martina who was in touch all the time and helped me witheverything I needed. Also big thanks to Dr Maryna Kacmarcikova, just superb staff, clinic, nice apartment, basically excellent service.I feel fantastic after my tummy tuck and breast lift. Nothing to worry about, they know what they’re doing and patient’s wellbeingcomes always first. I would definitely recommend it.

London, UK


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