I am going back to have another crown done


This was my first time crossing the border into juarze and a bit nervous . i was picked up by. Edgar at Costco at 9am. There was 6 of us and we got to the office at 920am. Office waa like any other that you have been too. was picked greeted by the staff in English filled out first time paper work. Was in dentist chair about 940 had a. I chipped crown replaced and a filling done and was finished at 1030am. Left dentist office and drove back to the border to ssve time we walked across the bridge

I am pleased with the care I received and the quality of the work was much better than I have received at my denist in Orlando. Cost was 400 for the crown and 75 for the filling. I am going back to have anothet crown done.


I was more than pleased


I accompanied my wife for an evaluation for a dental implant procedure with Dr. Moran (and to attend to an immediate need for a failed tooth). I decided that I would make an appointment for the same day for a cleaning.

I was more than pleased with the cleaning and learned that I have some cavities that need attention. I will have the work done at Nucleo Dental during one of my wife's future visits. Thus far we are impressed with the services offered as well as the support services of the Patient Coordinator, Lori, and Edgar, who provided transportation to and from the office from El Paso. We live in the mountains, east of Albuquerque, and while it is over a four hour drive, we are planning on using this practice for all of our dental needs in the future.


Clean, modern, state of the art, efficient, and comfortable.


I have had a bridge for my front teeth for almost 50 years. I have had it replaced or repaired by dentists in Albuquerque,LA, San Francisco, Austin and Seattle over the years. After breaking it once again, I went to Nucleo Dental after speaking with various friends who have had work done around the world. The patient care team at Nucleo was world-class, bilingual, and the attention to detail was precise. The facility was extremely modern and Dr. Moran is very much involved and personally did all the work while using the most state of the art material and lab for the construction of my new Zirconia bridge. I also need a root canal so his pain management techniques were world class and very effective. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes. Thier shuttle service across the border was very efficient and their patient care coordinator Laurie Shapiro was both knowledgeable and always available for questions. My new smile is perfect and both I and more important my wife love it. My wife has begun the process of an implant and has a similar experience. My work at Nucleo Dental was about 75% less expensive or a quarter the cost, for the same work I would have received in the states and far more efficient.

Clean, modern, state of the art, efficient, and comfortable.


For my dental needs I now only want to go to Nucleo Dental


I've been going to Nucleo Dental for three years now. I had around 26 crowns and my wife had an implant. Their clinic is modern and new. Cost is roughly 40% to 50% of US costs, so BIG savings. I drive to the pickup point in El Paso where Edgar takes me over to Juarez (about a 15 minute drive), and later brings me back. You will need your passport and other identification. If I need to stay overnight, there is a nice hotel across the street from Nucleo Dental at a very reasonable price (which includes a light evening meal and a nice breakfast).

The whole staff is extremely nice. The dentists my wife and I have seen are Dr. Ernesto Moran and Dr. Julio Nevarez. Excellent is the best adjective to describe them. I was apprehensive the first time, but Nucleo is now my preferred dental experience. For my dental needs I now only want to go to Nucleo Dental.


Excellent response and patient care


The clinic was very efficient and professional. We have begun our initial treatment and look forward to their completion.




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