"Best IVF Clinic"


I am 43 and my partner older. After three UK ICSI cycles, two with two good quality embryos transferred on Day 3 and one (a modifiednatural cycle) with a poor quality Day 2 ET, time is not on our side. The first two clinics were ok, but i came to feel they weren'tideal (their idea of optimal treatment and mine were not quite the same) at the third clinic they were disorganised and I lost faith inthem. I wonder whether our poor fertilisation rate (never been a problem before) reflects on their environment? Anyway, I had heardabout Czech clinics and contacted a couple. Reprogenesis offered everything we wanted and at a good price. Communication was excellentall the way through and the staff friendly but professional and the clinic top notch in every way. Most importantly, we used my own eggsand although less were collected than previously, 6 fertilised and 2 made it to Day 5 - I wasn't even sure they would be capable ofthis! We used embryo monitoring and I am sure that this along with the clinics excellent embryologists are the reason for this. Asprices were so reasonable we could also afford all the extras we wanted, so I am quite optimistic. I wanted to write this before I knowwhether it has been successful, because that is not the criteria for my believing it is the best IVF clinic I have experienced. If itdoesn't work I will be heading back in a few months to have another go!


"Looking forward to returning to our friends at Reprogenesis"


Having been diagnosed with premature menopause in my early twenties, I knew that my only option for a natural child would be via donoregg IVF. After being married a couple of years we started researching our options. We quickly narrowed down to the Czech Republic asit offered the treatment we needed (donor egg IVF) at a reasonable price and using top technology.

We very quickly happened uponReprogenesis, and after browsing their website and taking the virtual tour of their clinic, and reading everything we could on messageforums and review sites, we reached out. Not only did we get a dedicated coordinator who responded to every email, usually within 24hours, but she would call (from Brno to Canada) to discuss anything I wanted to discuss. We were in touch for well over a year beforewe decided to start our treatment plan. I felt a very personal touch, that my specific situation was being considered when thetreatment plan was being defined, and that every effort was made to help the doctors here in Canada provide the tests and scans neededby the clinic. All communication was prompt, professional and helpful.

When we arrived in Brno and visited the clinic, it felt likevisiting friends. Everyone we interacted with during our time there seemed happy and genuine, and they really made us feel that theywere rooting for us – the nurses, coordinators, doctors, and general office staff. We were kept well informed at every step of theprocess, never pressured or rushed, and were eased into making the decisions that were right for us. For this cycle, having resulted in4 healthy embryos, one of those decisions was to opt for only a single embryo transfer rather than the planned double transfer.

Thetransfer day ran like clockwork. Things were calm and smooth, as we were escorted from room to room. I felt safe. The doctor was warmand friendly, and the transfer itself was quick and painless. With the 5 day transfer, it meant we had ample time for some day tripsand to enjoy the Czech countryside – along with nearby Budapest and Vienna. In Prague, my husband bought me a garnet pendant withfour diamond-shaped pieces of garnet surrounding a little diamond. We said it was like our 4 embryos. But the best souvenir that webrought back was our ‘little HB’, the hatching blastocyst that we chose to implant, whose heartbeat and ultrasound image we just sawfor the first time today, healthily developing at 6 weeks 5 days!

I have no hesitation in recommending Reprogenesis and look forwardto returning!

Nova Scotia, Canada

"Fantastic experience"


I researched a lot of clinics before choosing Reprogenesis. The clinic has excellent success rates, uses 5 day blasts and has embryomonitoring and is very reasonably priced. However, our main reason for choosing the clinic was because of the excellent communication wehad with Veronika our co-ordinator from the first email. Her communication was always prompt and she was able to answer all questions Ihad and put us at ease. There was never a language barrier. The whole process was very straight forward. I was able to get myprescription for medication sent to the UK and got my meds from Asda of all places (very cheap). I had scans and blood tests done in theUK and then just emailed any results to Veronika. Travelling to Brno is very easy from Prague and Veronika advised us on places tostay. We travelled to Brno earlier in the year and unfortunately had an unsuccessful treatment. However I always felt that the clinicand their team had done everything they possibly could for us. Dr Vrana reviewed my case and made a couple of protocol changes for my2nd cycle and it worked! I am now nearly 14 weeks pregnant with a singleton and we have a top grade frozen 5 day blastocyst we willreturn for. I can highly recommend this clinic and can't thank them enough after many years of failed treatments.


"Superb service"


I was seen at Reprogenesis and travelled from Italy for treatment. Was very pleased with the communication from the get go and arrivedand was very pleased. Facility was clean and staff was amazing!! I was really nervous and never felt like I was a bother! Currently 12weeks pregnant with by baby.

Vicenza Italy



After years of ivf in various counties, I am happy to say I am 7 weeks pregnant after ivf treatment at Reprogenisis. I was more thanhappy with my treatment and support I received. I would recommend any couple who feel like they are about to give up just give it onemore chance at Reprogenisis.



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