Very kind and friendly.


I had my first IUI treatment. They were all very kind and friendly in the clinic and because of that, the whole treatment was without stress. The whole time, I felt really nice and pleasant in the clinic.

I found SCMT on the internet. The whole process and all important information were nicely described on their website, prices are acceptable, feedback were great, and Budapest is close for travel. That's why I chose Smart Choice Medical Travel, and have not regretted it!


I am pregnant with twins now.


It was successful.

The treatment was very good. The clinic was good and all the staff at the clinic was very kind and hardworking with patients. The treatment didn't cost me a lot - it was a very good price! And the best thing that happened was that I met Dora. She's very, very good, kind, and she's so exact with all appointments and always comes on time. She always smiles and encourages me. She's like an angel during my experience in treatment at the clinic. Dr. Filup is so good, very calm, humble, and intelligent. I'm really happy with my experience with Smart Choice Travel and I am happy and satisfied with the result. I am pregnant with twins now.


Highly recommended.


Very good communication. Very simple from start to finish. Would highly recommend this clinic and Dora, who was of great help and very kind.


Very high standard.


My IVF failed, but I had a good experience at the clinic and would return there to try again. The coordinator, Dora, was very helpful indeed, and the clinic was very friendly and efficient. I felt I could trust the doctor, and think that the clinic has a very high standard. It is difficult to get the medications from the prescriptions in Hungary in the UK. I would also recommend taking cash to Hungary to avoid being ripped off by bad exchange rate charges.


All the people there are really professional, kind, and caring.


I had my first IVF treatment in Budapest in October. Although I didn't manage to get pregnant, I must say that I spent two really nice weeks in Budapest. Miss Dora was really helpful. This was my first treatment and everything was new to me. I was afraid how will I handle everything, but she took care of everything. She was very supportive and always ready to help. I really didn't have to worry about anything because she organised everything. I'm really grateful to her. My experience with the clinic is also very good. All the people there are really professional, kind, and caring. I have only good words to say about the doctor, nurses, everyone there. They're excellent. The apartment where I was staying was also very nice, really comfortable, and clean. The price for the treatment matched the price I was given. Next time I will definitely go to the same place again.



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