"Dental perfection"


My story goes back many years when, as a child, my teeth were very poor and lacked substance. As a teenager and later an adult, I spentmany an hour in the dentists' chair receiving a multitude of treatments. I eventually reached a stage where a third of my bottom teethwere missing and the remainder of my teeth were heavily filled. In 2006,after many years of literally 'sucking' food,due to my lack ofchewing capacity, I decided to explore a viable alternative to the dentures, my then dentist, recommended. I decided to explore thepossibility of implants and was quoted the horrific sum of £30,000.00. by an English based implantologist. I hadheard that treatment abroad was cheaper so went online and discovered Vital Europe. So impressed was I with my London assessment, andthe price quoted, that I decided to take a chance and go to Budapest for the treatment plan, as recommended.
In December 2006 I had 5implants fitted. I returned after three months to have the crowns made and the majority of the rest of my teeth prepared, to be crowned.In total I had 5 implants and 27 crowns at a total cost of £10.500.00, which included 3 return flights and 3 separatehotel bills. The treatment I received was second to none. Everything about Vital Europe says professionalism. The dentists, hygeneistsand reception staff all 100% .
So impressed, am I, that not only have I recommended several people, but actually returned myself inNovember 2009 to have the remaining 5 uncrowned teeth crowned. Another very rewarding experience. I would thoroughly recommend VitalEurope to anyone, and invite them to contact me if they are in any doubt. Be prepared for a degree of spare time, but Budapest is anenchanting city and well worth exploring. I intend to return for a holiday sometime and will most certainly be visiting the friends Imade.
Thankyou Vital Europe.
Roger Raven.

Kent, England

"Positive Denistry"


Vitlal Europe" literally took the pain out of dentistry, they have a professional and friendly service which literally takes the painout of dentistry. Once you have booked your flights they can arrange transfers and accomadation for you. As a female travelling alone Ifound their hotels and transport booking efficient and even when my flight arrived in the middle of the night there was someone therewaiting for me ( I was more than relieved to be escorted at 2am in the morning!) In my opinion the dentistry is second to none, theyfully explain your options and can adapt the plan to suit your budget. They do not take your custom for granted or patronise you (someUK dentists could learn some lessons here) they have a non judgemental approach and are more than happy to take the time to explaintreatments etc. Anybody who needs implants, bridges etc.. should at least visit the clinic in London and check out the prices.
Theclinic in Budapest is state of the art and all the staff are helpful and friendly. I would like to give some negative feedback tobalance - unfortunatlely I cannot.

Luton, England

"Master Technicians"



I have had the notion of implants (so as to renew the way I used to look) for the longest while but didn t have enoughconfidence in the practice and technology as well as my wallet. For as a young man I lost several of my teeth to an unscrupulousCaribbean dentist whose interest was purely financial; my welfare was irrelevant.

Last year I walked into a dentist surgery and myinterest in implants was rekindled in a poster advertising implants in the UK and the dentist later referred me to a few practices inLondon; however the quotes for the job I needed nearly put me off for good and if I wanted too it would have amounted to a secondmortgage. In pursuant in my interest, I got on to the internet and looked at almost all the practices in the UK, Europe, USA and LatinAmerica. In the end the only options were Poland and Hungary.

Having looked at the major practices in both countries it came down toelimination not because of cost, but who I felt most comfortable with. Warsaw, Krakow came close, but what finally made up my mind afterthe several visits to these countries offices in London (at a cost) was a review I read on the internet by a journalist who obviouslybenefited from treatment she received from Vital Europe in Hungary, Budapest. From the quotes I got, this company was by no means thecheapest, but I was won over by the customer satisfaction she received, so I chose Vital Europe over the others. Their approach andattention to personal care on a visit to its London office was also a deciding factor.

My consultation in London was followed up by myfirst visit to Budapest in February and there I received my implants by Dr Norbert Velich who was extraordinarily good and the successwas not only because of his expertise, but the way he involved you at every stage. Also involved was Dr. Vanda Antalovszky who wasresponsible in completing the job, as well as all the back up staff who have been excellent throughout. Budapest was dull and luckily itwas only the implants then, but what a contrast to summer.

The timing from the implants to having the work completed worked out welland Budapest what a transformation and it worked perfectly for a holiday and treatment. The transfers arranged by Simone and thereminders all worked to plan. This time the accommodation (Vital Europe owned) similar to what I previously used was not of the samehigh standard and if anything, this is the only minus, experienced during our 10 days stay.

As is my experience, the receptionists andall the support staff were marvellous. Dr Vanda as promised performed the outstanding work and over the 10 days it worked out well. LikeDr. Norbert, Dr. Vanda is exceptionally good at what they do. For the duration of the treatment I felt very comfortable and confidentthat the outcome was going to be a success and the result speaks for it self. My other half who is not the best to please was overcomeby both Budapest as a holiday destination and the quality of the work done so much so, she now wants Vital Europe to work on hermouth.

All those who have seen the result and matter to me are quite pleased and more so, I am happy with the outcome. Aestheticallyand visually, my mouth looks good and I can now chew and taste my food better and I now have my smile back. I also feel my digestionwould improve. Can t say the fitting has been a 100%, but isn t that asking for perfection, so far I am a very pleased customer. AllVital Europe staffs are exceptionally good and the dentists especially are highly trained and skilled   master engineers, techniciansand craftsmen . Just wished I knew about this company before now.

Finally I certainly feel I have had value for money and savedthousands of pounds by choosing Vital Europe and the best compliment one could give is to recommend them to anyone who asks my opinion.

North London, England

"Worth the effort"


I have just completed a very lengthy and complex series of treatments at Vital Europe. I am so pleased with every aspect of my treatmentI felt it important to advise anyone considering this alternative to treatment in the UK to take a leap and do it.

Every aspect of tgheservice here is way beyond anything I have ever had in the UK. I say this as a private dental patient who has never been dependent onthe NHS.

The staff here are all exceptionally qualified, fantastically capable and professional as well as able to provide heaps ofTLC.

There is no such thing as pain free treatment but all discomfort was well worth the fabulous outcome. If anyone wants to discusswhat happens during 11 implants and a course of treatment lasting 40 or so weeks drop me a line and I'll be pleased to explain in avisit by visit breakdowen what actually happens. [email protected]

Be prepared for a lot of free time when you come here.The surgery works very professionally and each appointment on lasts anything from 10 minutes to a couple of hours so you have time tosee lovely Buda. The summer weather is exceptional so try and do the tourist thing as well.

Above all believe what you read aboutfantastic Vital Europe (especially Anna-Maria my main contact who was always so kind as well being the consumate professional ) and getyour smile and confidence back. Good luck.

Edinburgh Scotland



Bergerac France


Tel: 346-323-7036

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